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    Fully equipped, 2 and 3 bed cabins with fitted sheets and pillows with pillow slips, and fully equipped kitchen. All our cabins have a deck on the front with a picnic table and a fire pit in the back. All the wood you need for campfires is included.
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    Fishing Package Vacation Meadow Lake Park Saskatchewan

    Fishing Packages

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    Walleye and Great Northern Pike to fight you all the way. Rent a 16 foot aluminum fishing boat and enjoy your own time on our lakes. We also sell fishing licenses, bait and tackle for your convenience.
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    Our knowledgeable and professional guides will show you where the fish are and how to catch 'em. We will undoubtedly show you a fishing experience of a lifetime.
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    Meadow Lake Park Wilderness Camping Vacation Saskatchewan


    Scenic campgrounds

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    Camp at Flotten Lake

    Individual pitches or space for group camping, each has its own picnic bench and private fire-pit. All the firewood you need is included in our prices.
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  • Meadow Lake Park Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting in Saskatchewan

    Trophy Whitetail Hunts

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    With 30 years experience in the area we offer 6 day/7 nights fully guided or unguided whitetail hunts.
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    Meadow Lake Park Black bear hunting Saskatchewan

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    Over 40 active baits

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    We have over 40 active baits and add more each season. Our grounds boast low hunting pressure and has all colour phases.
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    Prime moose hunting in boreal forests of Saskatchewan, available unguided or fully guided by our experts with over 30 years experience in bringing you Big Game experiences.
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    Meadow Lake Park Private Cabin Rental Mallard Lake Outpost Camp Saskatchewan

    Mallard Lake

    Private Outpost Camp

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    Your own private lake

    Accessible only via ATV our outpost camp is a special experience. We provide a boat to access Mallard lake, firewood and a generator for your wilderness vacation.
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Visit Riverside Resort & Outfitters

What Riverside Resort&Outfitters on Flotten Lake is doing with COVID-19


Please be assured that Riverside Resort take the health and safety of our guests extremely seriously.  As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to decrease in severity, Riverside Resort has been closely monitoring the credible sources of information.


A few of the procedures Riverside Resort implemented are:


  • Increased cleaning schedules including ongoing sanitation of hands and hard surfaces after contact with each guest.
  • High-touch areas are being disinfected continuously throughout the day.
  • Staff are being instructed to wear gloves and masks whenever possible.
  • Riverside Resort is requesting that guests pay with credit or debit in lieu of cash whenever possible.

In regards to social distancing, Riverside Resort are taking every step possible to limit interactions between staff and guests, including:


  • Guests will be required to maintain a distance of 2 meters (6.5 feet). The recommended distance between individuals.
  • Guests will be asked to approach the ‘guest zone’ in order to check in, or complete their transaction.
  • This specific area and its various equipment will be sanitized after every guest interaction. 


Additional measures that will be taken include, but are not limited to, the following:



Before guest arrival, the units will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized following the required practices outlined by the province. This includes all commonly touched areas such as picnic tables, garbage cans, light switches, doorknobs, toilets, taps, counter tops, dishes, cupboards, fridge, stove, washroom, etc.


Cabins and rooms are not restricted to members of the same household; however, individuals should maintain as much separation as possible.  When physical distancing cannot be maintained, measures such as reducing capacity in cabins will be implemented. 


Guests at this point must bring their own linen for their entire stay, including double or single sheets, pillows, bedding, dish clothes, and towels.


Guests will take all linen with them upon their departure.


Riverside Resort will wait a minimum of 24-hours after a cabin has been occupied prior to renting it to the next guest.


Riverside Resort guidance for angling and hunting activities, including but not limited to

  • Maintain physical distancing (2 metres or 6.5 feet) from other individuals you come across.
  • Wash your hands frequently, especially around communal areas such as boat ramp, fillet house, etc.
  • Adhere to all travel advisories and self isolation requirements.
  • Adhere to all municipal, First Nation community, provincial and federal closures (e.g. park offices, visitor centres, infrastructure, etc).
  • Hand sanitizers and bleach are in place at the filleting house.


COVID19 Exposure Control Plan



To eliminate or minimize exposure to COVID19



This plan has been prepared to serve as a guide for the implementation of exposure control measures.



Riverside Resort & Outfitters (RRO) staff and guests will be proactive in hazard identification, use of safe practices and personal protective equipment (PPE) in reducing the potential risks of exposure to COVID19.


This exposure control plan will:


Identify parties with potential for COVID19.


Outline the ways to control the risk.






COVID19 is a new strain of the virus, from coronaviruses family that had not been previously identified in humans. It causes respiratory illness in people, ranging from common colds to severe pneumonia.


Potentially infectious material

Include direct human contact, human proximity lesser than 2 meters, direct contact with surfaces used by others.


Universal Precautions


An approach to infection control, the concept being that all human and close proximity contact and contact with surfaces touched by others are infectious for COVID19 virus.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Last resort devices in prevention of infection available for use to staff and guests, including gloves and procedure face masks.


COVID19 Exposure Control Plan


Exposure Determination:


Occupants of the resort are classified into one of two categories to facilitate exposure determination.


Category 1: Staff.


Category 2: Guests and visitor.




Preventative measures


1. Screening – All staff and guests will complete a screening questionnaire on arrival. The questionnaire will also be added to the website for on-line booking clients.

2. Vaccinations – Currently no vaccine is available for COVID19.  Once it is available RRO management will follow public health compliance guidelines.

3. Universal precautions- Universal precautions must be observed.  This method of infection control requires the staff and guests to assume that close human contact and contact with common surfaces are infectious for COVID19 virus.  Social distancing, personal hygiene and isolation are the key actions to prevent the infection.


Methods of ComplianceEngineering and Safe Practice Controls


Engineering and safe practice controls are the primary method to eliminate or minimize staff and guests exposure.  Where exposure risk remains after the institution of these controls, personal protective equipment (PPE) will also be used.


Engineering Controls will include


Provision of washing facilities withh soap dispensers and disposable towels to all staff and guests. 

Provision of hand sanitizer in the areas where handwashing is not possible to all staff and guests.

Provision of instructions, signs and labels.


Provision of training to all staff and guests with potential for exposure to COVID19 by review of this manual.  Training will include explanation of procedures, signs and labels, social distancing, use of PPE and proper hand washing.


COVID19 Exposure Control Plan


Safe Practice Controls include: 


Screening- All staff and guests will complete a screening questionnaire on arrival.  Person who answers yes to any questions or a temperture above 100.3°F will be denied entry to the resort.  The questionnaire will also be added to the website for on-line booking clients.  If the person develops symptoms during their stay, the questionnaire will be administered and if the person answers yes to any questions, he/she will be provided with the procedure mask and asked to depart.


In the last 14 days, have you had any of the following COVID19 symptoms: YES/NO


1. Fever

2. Cough

3. Difficulty breathing

4. Pneumonia, lung infection

5. Runny nose


In the last 14 days, have you YES/NO


6. Travelled to any country where there is a travel advisory to Avoid Nonessential Travel due to COVID19, or been on a cruise ship?

7. Been in contact with a person who recently travelled where there is a travel advisory to Avoid Nonessential Travel due to COVID19, or been on a cruise ship?

8. Been in contact with a person who became ill after visiting a country where there is a travel advisory to Avoid Nonessential Travel due to COVID19, or been on a cruise ship?

9. Been in contact with a person who was diagnosed with or currently being tested for COVID19 or under quarantine for COVID19?

10. Been in contact with any person who has an undiagnosed respiratory illness?


Living space and washing facilities in the cabins is be limited to the cabin occupants.  Sharing with other guests is not allowed.  Double cabins front decks are clearly marked with 2 meters separation “no entry area".  All surfaces in the cabins will be wiped with commercial disinfectant or the solution of 1 part bleach and 10 parts water before next check in.


Shower house and public washrooms are closed for campsite guests.


Only guests travelling in Recreational Vehicles with own washing and bathroom facilities can rent the campsites.


If staff is available, the facility will be locked.


Guests will obtain and return the key. All surfaces will be disinfected after each use.


Camp store is closed. 


All guests should arrive with supplies for the duration of their stay in the resort.


COVID19 Exposure Control Plan


All staff, treating or handling potentially infectious material, will wear gloves and the procedure mask and will wash their hands immediately after or between completions of the tasks.


Frequent hand washing is the standard practice for the guests to minimize skin contact with any contaminated material and the transfer to face, mouth, eyes and nose.


Hand washing posters are posted for reference.


No eating or drinking is allowed in public areas.


Social distancing of 2 meters in public and private areas is essential.


Personal Protective Equipment:


Riverside management will provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to staff if the hazard is not eliminated by engineering and safe practices controls.


Guests will be responsible for their own PPE while staying at the resort.


If in need, guests should report to resort Management without the delay.


Post Exposure Procedure


Any person experiencing symptoms, displaying signs of infection, being exposed or potentially exposed to COVID19 and any person who answered yes to a question on the questionnaire, will contact provincial authorities for follow up.


Compliance Monitoring


Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces will be recorded on the check sheets, including the date and time, name of the staff and signature.


Confirmation of questionnaire completion will be recorded for each booking.


Flotten is a classic northern lake featuring rock reefs, points, and other structural elements known to walleye anglers everywhere. In addition to trophy walleye, the lake also holds trophy northern pike, whitefish and perch. Relax and enjoy some time in our peaceful setting of balsam fir and 100 foot mature spruce trees. Rent one of our fully modern cabins or camp on our grounds with 30/15 amp power, sewage dump and water hookup.
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Riverside Resort & Outfitting provide superb wilderness vacation experiences within the spectacular backdrop of balsam fir and mature spruce trees. Our lakes hold trophy walleye, monster northern pike, whitefish and perch. Our hunting grounds support whitetail, moose, bear, duck and goose. We work every day to provide you with experiences that will last a lifetime.